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Download Avira Antivirus Premium 

Do you email, browse or network online? Premium antivirus is designed to let you do more, see more and share more without encountering infected emails, poisoned websites or spyware. Protection Cloud technology ensures that minimal resources are consumed, which speeds up your streaming and skyping experience. Premium users also enjoy unlimited, one-on-one support from Avira’s in-house security experts.

Avira AntiVir GateWay Bundle :
Avira AntiVir GateWay Bundle means that your Unix email and proxy servers can benefit from Avira virus protection, which has been tried-and-tested many millions of times. The package also includes the Avira Management Console for the efficient administration of the security components.

Avira AntiVir GateWay Bundle offers complete protection for email and proxy servers under Unix/Linux. Digital attackers such as viruses, worms, Trojans, adware and spyware are blocked directly at the gateway. This means that they are effectively prevented from penetrating the corporate network.

Avira WebGate Suite :
Secure Internet communications and content filtering for Unix
Web communications are fundamental to every aspect of your business. Not only is internet access critical to your daily operations, your customers depend on your website for access to your products and services. 
Adding Avira protection to your web server means that no malware can interfere with your productivity. Your company deserves an award-winning antivirus solution combined with innovative content filtering.

All Version Of Avira Antivirus Download

 * Avira Free Antivirus        * Avira Antivirus Premium
 *Avira Internet Security     *Avira Internet Security Plus 


Superior virus and outbreak detection 
  • Avira constantly incorporates the latest research into our managed solution. Multiple technologies work in sync to block known viruses and spam, while new threats are discovered and eliminated.
Dependable email delivery
  • If your company ever goes offline due to an internet outage, Avira will store incoming mail for up to seven days or reroute your mail to another location.
  • Network protection
  • Avira guards your internal network by blocking oversized emails, zip-of-death and other harmful content.
Built-in blacklists and whitelists
  • Our integrated whitelists and blacklists are updated constantly. Advanced greylisting isolates new spam suspects so they can't slip through the cracks.

Configured in minutes

  • To begin using Avira Managed Email Security, redirect your MX-records to Avira. It's that simple!
Web-based quarantine
  • All blocked emails are stored in the cloud and can be managed from anywhere. Furthermore, unwanted content is not stored on your mail server.
Bandwidth savings
  • Because filtering takes place in the cloud, neither the antivirus software nor the blocked spam requires a single byte of your bandwidth.
Always the latest version
  • For stronger security and greater convenience, the latest antivirus and antispam technologies are automatically integrated in real time.

  • No on-site hardware, software or labor is required. The days of resetting, rebooting, tuning or replacing hardware and software are over.
Clear, affordable pricing
  • There are no setup fees or other hidden costs, just a convenient per-user price.


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