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F-Secure Internet Cilant Security 2012 Full Version Auto Register

F-Secure Internet Cilant Security 2012 Full Version  Auto Register Free Download

  • F-Secure Internet Cilant Security 2012
  • In our tests, F-Secure acquitted itself with honour, but didn't quite break into the top rank. Its 87% score in our malware test was creditable; its 37% in our web threats test less so. Its strongest suit was its firewall, which managed to completely conceal our PC from would-be attackers, so that our security scan couldn't even confirm the machine was switched on.
  • If this performance is good enough for you, F-Secure is quite pleasing to use. Its main interface is compact and clean, though this is largely achieved by hiding controls - six main tabs contain more than 30 links, which open further configuration panels. It might be daunting for beginners, but it largely follows Windows user interface guidelines, and the layout is logical enough to feel intuitive to more knowledgeable users.
  • We also liked the simplicity of its email integration. It didn't add any buttons or toolbars to our mail client, but simply brought up a summary window when infected mail was found, detailing the nature of the threat and the action taken.
  • Unfortunately, simple doesn't necessarily mean nimble: F-Secure Internet Security 2009 had one of the largest RAM footprints of any suite this month, and one of the slowest startup times. That's hard to excuse given its relatively sparse feature set - just the bare essentials plus parental controls.
  • Still, if you have three PCs to protect, F-Secure is reasonable value and unusually it comes with a bootable Linux-based recovery CD - a nice touch. It's not ideal for everyone, but technical users may appreciate its no-nonsense approach.
Removal Instructions
Home users may find the following general instructions for dealing with malware infections helpful.
These instructions are intended for use with F-Secure products. For more technical documentations related to these products, please see the Support site.

• DO NOT pay the 'fine' (ransom) demanded - in most cases, payment still does not restore  normal use
• DO report the incident to the police
• Removal instructions are on this page; additionally, CERT or law enforcement agencies in affected countries may have their own removal instructions available online
• If full dsinfection is not possible, consider reverting the system to the last saved  configuration with System Restore, or reformating/reinstalling it from backed up files.

What is Ransomware?
'Ransomware' is a type of malware that attempts to extort money from a computer user by infecting and taking control of the victim's machine, or the files or documents stored on it. Typically, the ransomware will either 'lock' the computer to prevent normal usage, or encrypt the documents and files on it to prevent access to the saved data.
The ransom demand will then be displayed, usually either via a text file or as a webpage in the web browser. This type of malware leverages the victim's surprise, embarrassment and/or fear to push them into paying the ransom demanded.
Ransomware may arrive as part of another malware's payload, or may be delivered by an exploit kit such as Blackhole, which exploits vulnerabilities on the affected computer to silently install and execute the malware.

Removing 'police-themed' ransomware
We detect police-themed ransomware with multiple detections, including Trojan:W32/Reveton, Trojan:W32/Ransom and generics.
If 'police-themed' ransomware is installed on the system, it can be removed using a downloadable removal tool. For infections by Trojan:W32/Reveton variants, manual removal is also possible.
Automatic Removal
In most cases, F-Secure's Easy Clean removal tool is able to remove the ransomeware, restoring normal access to the system.
Manual Removal
Caution: Manual disinfection is a risky process; it is recommended only for advanced users. Otherwise, please seek professional technical assistance.
Trojan:W32/Reveton variants may also be manually removed from the machine, using the following instructions:
Boot the system into Safe Mode. To do so: 

 First, restart the system (Click Start, then Shut Down, select Restart in the drop-down dialog box that appears, then click OK).
As the computer restarts but before Windows launches, press F8.
Use the arrow keys to highlight 'Safe Mode' and then press Enter.

Submitting Samples for analysis
If neither the automatic or manual removal instructions above successfully remove the ransomware, please send a sample of the ransomware file to our Security Labs for analysis.
To do so, please reboot your computer into Safe Mode (see instructions in the Manual Removal section above), and look for the suspect file; most commonly, ransomware is saved to one of the following locations:
  • C:\Programdata\(random alpha numerics).exe
  • C:\Users\(username)\0.(random numbers).exe
  • C:\Users\Username\AppData\(random alpha numerics).exe
  • Once found, please send the suspect file to our Sample Analysis System (SAS) for analys


Easy Clean

Remove the latest malware threats detected by our Labs with our free Easy Clean removal program.


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